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Gay Erotic Video Index
Bijou Video aThis video retailer seems to have the rights to much of the older porn where the performers did (unprotected) sex like they did at home rather than like the director ordered. They also sell a CD-ROM with an index similar to this one. If you want reviews of the older stuff, this is THE place to go. Data accuracy could be better.
B.J.'s Gay Porno-Crazed Ramblings, dealer, collector and researcher of old videos.
Smut Junkies

This site is for the Collector of Gay Male Erotica, contemporary print media in particular. Included here for three good reasons: it's free, it's a great resource and the creator has contributed some very valuable information to this site.
Tim in Vermont Vintage Physique Photography
The biggest collection of Male "Physique" on the internet. More men, more skin, more dicks than anywhere else in the wide web. (And they aren't just a hangin' there.) A paid site but a cheap thrill.
Men of Porn Porn News
The latest news on many gay VOD websites including the connection of many performer aliases. Online Episode Index
An index of online episodes from almost the start of VOD.
My Gay Sites Online VOD Index
An index of online gay erotic sites.