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Agni Khatun
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Wank Party #153 Part 2 Raw
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Terry Moore
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Misha Molotov - Helping Hand
Misha Molotov
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Danny Parker (20s)
Alessio Veneziano Fucked by the Beautiful Andres Ivanoff
Alessio Veneziano, Andres Ivanoff
Double Bottoming Debuts - Uncut
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I Love My Boss
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Doc Raises Archie‘s Blood Pressure
Killian Knox, Archie Bakk
Col Raider Audition
Col Raider
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Isak Eklund
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Dereck Defendi, Jeremiah Cruze
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Darron Bluu, Chris Star (bbd), Leo King (20s)
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Bennett Anthony, Justin Eros, Marco Lorenzo
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Deep in the Wells
Garrett Kinsley, Brandon Wells (20s)
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A Welcoming Thanksgiving
Carter DelRey, Derek Allen, Myott Hunter
Jess Royan Well Beaten by Italian Top XXL in London
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Helmut & Eluan Part 2
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Mile High Media
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Prowler Press
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Prowler Press
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Grapik Art Productions
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Grapik Art Productions
Suck Both Ends
Grapik Art Productions
Tight Little Hole
2022-09-28 Eric York / Pete Finland Fighting Colon Cancer
Support Pete Finland in his fight with cancer
Eric York, who started performing in the 1990s, has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He is undergoing chemotherapy which has left him vulnerable to other complications. A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help with his bills.
2022-09-17 Creeping Censorship
A few years ago the U.K. launched laws that required 'adult' web sites to verify the age of their users. It was not very successful but it has inspired copy cats. The U.S. state of Louisiana now has passed a similar law, California is considering it along with France and Germany.
One could sympathize with the concerns of this movement's efforts but the reliability of screening the users of the internet has proven to be less then dependable on many giant web sites, much less on small sites. This web site may be forced to remove images and, who knows, maybe even text to comply if the costs of complying are too high.
Considering the self righteous bigots that currently control the U.S. Supreme court, there is not much hope of relief from them. Imprecise, unenforceable laws are not a concern for them unless it affects their sectarian friends.
The 'adult industry' has a trade group called the Free Speech Coalition that helps defend the targets of anti-porn hysteria. They used to allow contributions but may be only subscription now although they now have an OnlyFans channel.
Make your voice heard!
2022-07-10 Death of Randy from Sean Cody
Sean Cody’s Randy Has Died
Str8UpGayPorn has extensive reporting on the passing of Randy. The most prolific performer at Sean Cody he was much loved by his co-workers and his audience. Like too many, he had struggled with addiction.
2022-06-13 Passing of M.J. Taylor
Howard Andrew @FabScoutHoward on Twitter reports (via the death of M.J. Taylor from cancer. No date given and no other details. Taylor's twitter account said that he was working behind the scenes after last appearing in front of a porn camera.
2022-05-26 Disconnecting Higgins is not paying their bills and not answering emails. Not sure what their financial status is but because of this situation we will cease linking to their website.
Sorry about the inconvenience.
2022-04-20 Passing of Steve 'Titpig' Hurley
XBIZ has an article reporting the death of Steve Hurley, aka Titpig. He was respected and loved by many in the business and helped set the standard for bear sex themed videos.
2022-03-28 Passing of Robert Prion
Robert Prion, primarily from Galaxy Pictures, died March 28th this year at the age of 69. His first production came out in the early 80s and his last one was only 8 years ago 2014.
His partner Jay Richards appeared in a number of his movies and is one of the longest running performers in the business.
2022-02-24 Brodie Sinclair Arrested for Rape of 16 Year Old Girl
Texas man charged with raping Frederick County girl
The Frederick New Post in Frederick Maryland has (via an article about Brodie Sinclair being arrested for rape of a female minor. Apparently he had bragged about dating minors in the past and has talked up right wing conspiracy theories.
2022-02-22 Anti Porn Legislation Moves Thru U.S. Legislature
The FSC Guide to the EARN IT Act
In a hysteric politicized move to allegedly prevent "child sexual abuse material" (CSAM), the federal legislature is in the process of passing the absurdly named EARN IT Act which will potentially ban all porn. Any company that hosts CSAM on the internet, however briefly, publicly or privately, would be liable for lawsuits from states and individuals. This covers services from Facebook to Google Search to iMessage. Encrypted messaging services would have to provide backdoors to permit surveillance. Even if a company genuinely were led to believe that individuals portrayed were of age but then discovered they were not, they would be liable for lawsuits.
2022-02-01 James Bidgood
James Bidgood, Creator of Film Pink Narcissus, Has Died
James Bidgood, the director of Pink Narcissus some of which was excerpted in the cockumentary Good Hot Stuff.
2021-12-12 Simon Rex as Movie Awards Nominee
Simon Rex Charts His Journey from Hollywood Pariah to ‘Red Rocket’ Oscar Contender
Str8UpGayPorn points us to an article about Sebastian AKA Simon Rex who showed us his stuff at Club 1821 in the 90s. He has been nominated for awards for his leading role as ex (str8) porn star Mikey Saber in the indie movie Red Rocket where it seems you can see him naked again.
2021-10-28 Celebrated Director Wakefield Poole Has Left the Set
Pioneering Director Wakefield Poole Passes
After having worked in theater, Wakefield Poole saw some adult films and decided he could do better and from that thought arose Boys in the Sand. After watching it, many a stunned gay man walked out of the theater, tongue dragging on the ground.
A lot of people wished he could have topped that but it never quite happened. The most recent documentary of Poole's story is I Always Said Yes.
2021-08-27 New Book from Shawn Mayotte
Mayotte: Musings of a Narcissist: A Survivor's Story
Doug Probst who appeared in YMAC videos as Dirk and in print as Shawn Mayotte has released a biography. XBIZ has an interview that summarizes his story from difficult childhood thru sex worker to entrepreneur.
2021-07-16 Flava Works Assets Seized
Florida Judge Orders Seizure and Sale of 'Flava Works' Assets
Xbiz has an article about Flava Works loosing a suit they had against Adam 4 Adam and being forced to forfeit their assets after not paying the judgment against them.
2021-06-30 Bryce Evans Passes Away
The Sword has a post announcing the death of Bryce Evans from his agent. No details on the circumstances were revealed.
2021-06-29 Al Parker Makes an Appearance at GQ
How the '70s “Clone” Look Paved the Way for the Queer Clothing of Today
GQ magazine has written an interesting article on the legacy of the mustached rugged clone look from the dawn of the newly above ground gay culture. That look was epitomized and cultivated by Al Parker and others as can be seen in gay porn about the time it began to appear on film and the new VHS video format of the 1970s.
2021-06-09 ChaosMen Sold to Gamma Entertainment
Today's buzz is that it appears that Gamma Entertainment is listed on the ChaosMen website as the owner. There had been some subtle changes on ChaosMen with use of full names more frequently and now a Czech performer giving a solo.
2021-05-20 Passing of Frank Ross
Toby Ross passed on news that director/producer Frank Ross (no relation) died on May 20th, 2021. Frank had previously fought off cancer a number of times but this time succumbed. Toby and Frank worked together on some of Toby's films and Toby counted him as one of the best people he ever worked with. Frank was lured to Satellite Video where Toby would help him occasionally because of their bond.
2021-05-16 Four More Performers Lost
Over the last week we've gotten notified of 4 more deaths over the last months. It's hard to get the energy to enter these, hence the delay.
Friends of Alex James posted to his social media about his passing in February.
A friend of Ty Thomas tells of his death.
Helix Studios announced the departure of Alex Riley on their Twitter account.
Now MenOfPorn reports the death of Jayden from Corbin Fisher last year.
Causes are not publicly known in any of these cases.
2021-04-03 Bo Dean Passes Away
R.I.P. Former Gay Porn Star Bo Dean Passes Away has a posting that Bo Dean has died. He had been paralyzed from the waist down in 2015 in a shooting incident.
2021-01-29 Passing of Scott Masters
One of the earliest and biggest names in gay porn, Scott Masters aka Robert Walters and Warren Stephens/Stevens died in 2020. Most famous of his productions were under the Nova Films productions. Starting in film, before the advent of video, a number of uncredited film shorts have recently been discovered as his productions.
2021-01-14 Recent Changes Causing Problems?
We recently put in a few changes that should have been minor but are causing problems. The DVD covers were changed from click-to-expand to hover-to-expand like the VOD episode pictures are. That way all pictures expand the same way. If you are having problems with that or other behaviors, try doing a force reload and/or clear cache. An old page may be looking for page behavior instructions in the wrong place. Still having problems drop a note to woody at wtule dot net noting your browser and OS. Sorry about that. Apparently we aren't as clever as we thought.
2021-01-12 Director Jerry Douglas Crosses the Celluloid Divide
Acclaimed Director, Author Jerry Douglas Passes
An XBIZ article announces the death of director Jerry Douglas, an important name in gay erotica for his media and theater productions and very importantly, to this index, the Manshots magazine, a researcher's wet dream. Many in the business are leaving their eulogies to their talented mentor.
2020-11-28 Memories of Bill Eld
Those of us of a certain age will remember the breathtakingly built and hung Bill Eld. Director Toby Ross has put together his memories of him in a poignant new video, Bill Eld: American Pop Culture Icon which tells Eld's little known story. It is available now on Amazon.
2020-03-13 Sebastian Young Dies in Police Shootout
St. Johns County Florida police announced that Sebastian Young was killed in a shootout with them. After a hit-and-run, his car was suspected as being involved. He was chased at high speed, sometimes counter to traffic. When his vehicle stopped he was said to have gotten out of the car and fired at officers who returned his gunfire and killed him. News articles described him as a "sexual offender with lengthy arrest record."
Links to news articles: Channel 4 Jacksonvile and The Florida Times-Union.
2020-02-17 Family Dick and Young Perps Are Broken (Update)
Websites LatinLeche, Family Dick and Young Perps had their domain names hijacked. They are now being hosted off but links directly to episodes are not available.
2020-01-19 Scotty Knox Killed in Car Accident
Mickey Knox has confirmed that one of his coworkers, Scotty Knox has been killed in a car accident.
2019-12-31 Macanao Torres Commits Suicide
El exactor porno gay Macanao Torres se suicida en su casa de Murcia 31 diciembre, 2019
Macanao Torres jumped from the top of his apartment building in Murcia, Spain on December 29th. In 2016 he was diagnosed with lymphoma and given 10 years to live. He always maintained his pride in having chosen to do porn.
2019-12-22 The Passing of a Legend
Director William Higgins has died from a heart attack in Prague on his way to hospital on early Saturday morning, December 21st.
The prodigious (to put it politely) director has over 750 full length videos to his name and over 7,000 scenes on his website.
The Sword and Back2Stonewall have articles
2019-12-11 Circus of Books Story Documentary Coming Out
Our parents ran a secret gay porn empire
To make ends meet a couple in Los Angeles took over an 'adult bookstore' in 1982. It closed in 2019. Their compassionate story and a note about a documentary made it to the BBC, of all places.
2019-10-29 Holdout Now Allows Downloads
Falcon Studios now allows members to do unlimited downloads off their website.
2019-10-14 Gunner Dexx Listed as Deceased
A user has pointed out that Gunner Dexx has been listed on several sites as having died of an overdose in Florida on August 12th. No news articles have been published. Another tragic loss of a young gay man. He had only done two scenes very recently.
2019-10-09 Passing of Alex Collack Mourned
Posting at The Sword
Director Steven Scarborough, performer Matthew Rush and others mourned the death of much loved Alex Collack who died of a heart attack.
2019-07-25 Brad Davis / Silas / Eddy Has Passed Away
Rob Navarro at Military Classified announced on twitter that Brad Davis has died from an overdose.
2019-06-14 Jay Dymel Is Lost
Performer Jay Dymel Passes Away
Falcon Studios noted the death of Jay Dymel.
2019-05-12 Death of Baptiste Garcia
French Twinks studio announced on Twitter the death of one of their performers, Baptiste Garcia. No cause of death was given.
2019-04-30 Casey Jacks Is Gone
Performer Casey Jacks has died. He first appeared in 2017 and has had videos release as recently as April 2019. XBIZ has a report on it and so does Men of Porn where the cause was described as suicide.
2019-01-11 Hole Hunter Dies at Home of Political Donor
Gay Adult Performer Hole Hunter Passes Away
Performer Hole Hunter was found dead at the age of 55 in the home of a big political donor to the Democratic Party, Ed Buck. This was the second black man to die at Buck's home in the last year. Drugs seem to have been involved in both cases although the source for them has not been identified. Conservatives are now after Buck's scalp and those who he has associated with.
2018-11-08 AVN Releases William Higgins Interview
AVN released a two part interview with William Higgins covering his 40 year career in the porn business.
Part 1 and Part 2.
2018-10-08 Gayhoopla Performer Kyle Dean Dies at Age 21
Gay porn star Kyle Dean dead at 21 years old
Gay Star News reports that performer Kyle Dean has died. No details were available about the cause but it is tragic no matter what the reason.
2018-09-21 StraightBoyz Porn Website Creator Convicted
The creator of videos for the StraightBoyz website was convicted of tricking straight men into sexual encounters, filming without permission and using the video on his website. He told them he was a housewife then had them blindfolded and tied them to a chair after which he would give them a blowjob. The BaitBus website also has a similar format but the 'victims' are actually aware of the true nature of the sex that is to go down.
2018-06-14 Death of Peformer Tyler White
‘Gay-For-Pay’ Adult Film Performer Tyler White Dies
Broke Straight Boys performer Tyler White has died.
2018-06-09 Death of Recent Peformer Dave Slick
Falcon Studios Performer Dave Slick Found Dead
While visiting Chicago for Exxxotica Expo, Dave Slick was found dead.
2018-05-30 Death of Director Terry LeGrand
We have heard from reliable sources that directory Terry LeGrand has died.
2018-05-01 Jimmy Durano in Serious Accident
XBiz Report
Uber gay top performer Jimmy Durano suffered severe head injuries that required a craniotomy. He has suffered complications requiring a return to intensive care and will need further surgery to replace the portions of his skull that had to be removed to deal with brain swelling. A friend set up a GoFundMe campaign seeking monetary help to cover medical expenses.
2018-04-25 Death of Terry LeGrand
We have received news of the death of director/producer/performer Terry LeGrand.
2018-04-23 Chris Bines Sentenced for Marijuana Sales
Pink New Report
After a guilty plea, performer Chris Bines was sentenced to almost 5 years in prison for dealing in marijuana and for money laundering the proceeds. Along with 4 others he had been transporting pot from California to Florida. Some other defendants received longer sentences and one received a very short sentnece.
2018-04-21 Has Grant Fagan passed?
A contributor has pointed out a burial record for one Eric Lawrence Grant Fagan that uses a picture of the 1980s performer Grant Fagan. Seems unusual that a performer's stage name would be used on a burial and odd that we wouldn't have heard something. Does anyone have more information on this?
2018-03-05 Billy Herrington Killed in Car Accident
XBIZ Article
The mother of Billy Herrington has announced his death, at age 48, on her website.
2018-01-14 Indexing
We have added to our index. This website is run by Colby Chambers and his husband Mickey Knox. Their content features twinks like them and tends to be unscripted performances some from live feeds.
2017-09-07 Tyler Sky Has Died
News at
Performer Tyler Sky has died from cardiac arrest. His wife posted the news on Facebook.
2017-06-20 Photographer Jim French Dies at Age 84
Renowned beefcake photographer and founder of Colt Studios, Jim Fench (aka Rip Colt) has died. He passed way peacefully in his sleep at his Palm Springs home.
2017-05-07 Mario Romo Convicted of Murder
Performer Mario Romo has been convicted of the murder of 49 year old Jake Meredino in Mexico. It seems that Romo was trying to submit a faked will that would have left him Meredino's estate. XBIZ has more notes.
2017-02-07 Death of Max Schutler
Str8UpGayPorn Posting
Str8 Up Gay Porn has posted an article about the death of Max Schutler. No cause of death or circumstances have been shared.
2016-12-07 Alexander Gustavo Commits Suicide
Gay Porn Star Alexander Gustavo Commits Suicide In Las Vegas has an article about the tragic death of the beautiful Alexander Gustavo by self inflicted gunshot. He had just finished performing for Kink and was discovered dead by his roommate-friend Jaxton Wheeler and Gustavo's girlfriend and son.
2016-09-27 Derek Chambers to appear in ads for 'Prop 60'
XBIZ has had many articles on the approaching 'Proposition 60' vote in California which would place condom use and other requirements when filming porn in that state. Of interest is an article about how the 'Yes' campaign has selected Derek Chambers to appear in one of their ads. Chambers appeared under that name for one gay performance for Jet Set and under the name Cameron Reed (and others) for straight performances. Chambers has claimed to have contracted AIDS on a porn set but has declined to participate in some efforts to corroborate that.