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Who are the most prolific movie performers?

Pavel Matous (with 26 different names) having 334 performances has pulled into the lead.

Paul Carrigan with 287+ performances since 1992 thanks to a willingness to appear in kink (often uncredited).

Drew Andrews with 274+ performances since 1992. His role as a token male (often uncredited) in she-male flics has pushed him past others.

Patrick Ives, in 244 videos, seldom pictured anywhere.

Eric Tomfor, (with 31 different names) in 230 gay videos, the first Czech performer to break into the big numbers.

Paul Morgan with 202+ performances since 1993 with appearances in bisexual, she-male and wrestling films (often uncredited).

Jake Cruise with 196 videos and way more than that in scenes has proven that money can buy you a lot of sex with lust worthy guys.

Chaz Carlton, with 193 performances since 1986.

Sweet Williams, a long term porn pup, with 191 videos since 1980, especially where he bottoms for black men.

Dallas Taylor, the original porn rabbit, with 190 appearances since 1988 in mostly gay stuff.

Sharon Kane, the 'Dorm Mother' of the gay porn industry, shows up here in 180+ videos doing either non-sexual, straight or lesbian roles in straight, gay, bisexual & she-male videos plus some directing. She has also appeared in up to 800 straight videos.

Mike Vista with 177 performances since 1996.

Hunter Maverick and Cole Maverickwith 172 videos since 1993 and way many more in scenes, another pay for gay producer.

Other honorable mentions: Sebastian Keys (172 painful appearances)

Thomas Lee (172)

Van Darkholme (172 very painful appearances)

Brian Bonds (171)

Max Grand (170), etc., etc.

Who are the most prolific VOD performers that we have indexed?

Sebastian Kane, 403 appearances afflicting young guys.

Peter Le with 318 episodes under his own website.

Kevin Warhol with 318 twinky episodes for BelAmi.

Husbands Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, in 316 mostly on their own website.

Tim Kruger has topped in 284 episodes at his husband's direction.

Boy next door TommyD with 268 episodes at Next Door Studios.

Dominic Pacifico with 188.

Seemingly gay phobic Eric Tomfor, with 230.

Adam Archuleta keeping BelAmi in hairless money at 234.

Sebastian Keys testing nerve endings in 230 episodes.

Johnny Rapid of fame taking a lot of big stuff up his cute ass in 227 episodes, etc., etc.

Who are the most prolific directors?

Jake Cruise has pulled in the lead with 557 videos but none of them have a plot that you could nail a title on.

Chi Chi LaRue, of course, having pumped out 450 features but she seems to be winding down.

Dirk Yates, with 378 videos, but he 'cheats' by doing his amateur/military flics.

Edward James, with 325 mostly unremarkable videos, most of them with black actors. Maybe more than one person?

William Higgins, the granddaddy of porn, has pumped out 321 videos mostly from his Czech porn empire.

David Hurles, with 302 videos, all amateur videos from the dawn of VHS tapes: mostly solos & wrestling.

Vlado Iresch, with 294 videos from this European B grade director, has been climbing this chart.

Dink Flamingo, with 267 videos from his campaign to keep the armed forces in money.

Keith Miller, with 258 title using his horde of skinny hairless post adolescents.

Luis Blava, with 190 videos from this European.

Jim Steel, with 185 videos from this director who seems to have worked for many a studio.

Paul Barresi, with 180 videos from this former top-only gay-for-pay performer.

Joe Serna, with 180 videos for Defiant and Factory Video.

Robert Boggs, with 176 videos from this European.

Which are the most prolific studios?

Bacchus Releasing with 1302 since 1983, mostly not worth the bother of viewing.

All Worlds Video with 1171 since 1985, now just a part of Channel 1 Releasing.

Man's Best Video with 788 European videos, mostly of post pubescent man/boys.

HIS Video with about 667 since 1972, but it is hard to tell where HIS begins and where it ends.

Jake Cruise with 631 since 2004, but none of them have a plot that you could nail a title on.

Catalina Video with 469 since 1979, now just a part of Channel 1 Releasing.

BG Enterprise with 373+ wrestling videos since 1988 but they are hard to keep up with.

Factory Video with 369 usually B grade movies since 1999, å la Bacchus.

Raging Stallion with 360 high grade titles, now a part of AEBN along with Falcon.

Hollywood Sales with 354 usually B grade movies since 1994, really just a distributor.

Helix Studios with 344 using their horde of skinny hairless post adolescents.

Which performers have the most aliases? (They're all Central European)

Chad Driver (Czech): 38

Lance Selleck (Czech): 36

Eric Tomfor (Czech): 35

Thomas Lee (Slovak): 32

Tad Harrison (Czech): 29

Sergey Davidov (Czech): 28

Sean O'Connor (Czech): 28

Mike Green (Czech): 28

Pavel Matous (Czech): 27

Peter Neo (Czech): 26

Alan Capier (Czech): 26

What is the history of gay porn?

Late 1800s, nude male physique pictures acquire their own style but are usually censored by painting over privates.

Early 1900s, private heterosexual stag films are made. A few homosexual acts are used to 'punish' characters who, however, seem to submit willingly.

1945, Bob Mizer begins his homo erotic physique photography, later he got into soft-core videos called 'danglies' (see AMG).

Late 1940s, gay positive films such as Fireworks (Kenneth Anger) and Un Chant D'Amour (Jean Genet) are filmed.

Early 1960s, courts strike down censorship of the depiction of male nudity.

1968, Soft-core gay videos by Bob Mizer, Pat Rocco, etc. are shown theatrically, especially at the Park Theater, L.A.

1969, Stonewall riots pave the way to gay awareness and self acceptance.

1970, Hard-core porn is released theatrically for the first time.

1971, Boys in the Sand is released by Wakefield Poole. This is the first high quality gay film and starts the career of the first gay porn star: Casey Donovan.

1975, S/M gets its full definition in director Roger Earl's Born to Raise Hell.

1976, U.S. military investigates servicemen in porn amending the Code of Conduct to forbid it. It was dropped four years later to avoid embarrassment of the Marine Corps but studios took another four years before they freely used servicemen again.

1980, the 'gay disease' is first noted.

1982, AIDS and it's transmission mechanism are fully defined.

1982, 'gay for pay' performers are first used with their non-reciprocating-sex performances.

1983, 'big budget' hard-core films begin to be made.

1985, the first performers of note begin their march to the grave.

1987, safe sex videos are made for the first time and the magic condom is invented.

1987, the Marine Corps again takes on porn attacking Kly Max studio for using marines. Studios again hold off on using servicemen.

1999, unsafe sex is romanticized in 'bareback' videos, but additionally included re-insertion after cumming. It seems to signify bravado (or stupidity) in the face of additional risk. This is an act that does not appear early gay porn because it had no significance at that time.

Where can I learn more about the history of gay porn? GENERAL HISTORY

Sinema: American Pornographic Films and the People Who Make Them, Kenneth Turan and Stephen F. Zito, Praeger Publishers, Inc., 1974

One-Handed Histories: The Eroto-Politics of Gay Male Video Pornography, John R. Burger, Haworth Press, 1995

Bigger than Life: The History of Gay Porn cinema from Beefcake to Hardcore, Jeffrey Escoffier, Running Press, 2009


The Jack Wrangler Story or What's a Nice Boy Like You Doing?, Jack Wrangler & Carl Johnes, St. Martin's Press, 1984

Wonder Bread and Ecstasy: The Life and Death of Joey Stefano, Charles Isherwood, Alyson Books, 1996

Autopornography: A Memoir of Life in the Lust Lane, Scott O'Hara, Haworth Press, 1997

Boy in the Sand: Casey Donovan, All-American Sex Star, Roger Edmonson, Alyson Publications, 1998

Clone: The Life and Legacy of Al Parker, Gay Superstar, Roger Edmonson, Alyson Publications, 2000

Dirty Poole: The Autobiography of a Gay Porn Pioneer, Wakefield Pool, Alyson Publications, 2000

A Thousand and One Night Sands: The Life of Jon Vincent, H.A. Carson, 1st Books, 2001

Suburban Hustler: Stories of a Hi-Tech Callboy, Aaron Lawrence, Late Night Press, 1999

My Life as a Pornographer & Other Indcent Acts, John Preston, Richard Kasak Books, 1993

The Erotic World of Peter de Rome, Peter de Rome, Gay Men's Press, 1984

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Bill Eld: American Pop Culture Icon, Toby Ross, Hornbill Video, 2020


Sorry I Asked, Intimate Interviews with Gay Porn's Rank and File, Dave Kinnick, Masquerade Books, 1993

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The X-Rated Gay Video Guide, Sabin, ed., Companion Press, 1997

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Bad Boys on Video: Interviews with Gay Adult Stars, Mickey Skee, Companion Press, 1998

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The Best of Gay Adult Video 1999, Mickey Skee, Companion Press, 1999

Atkol Comprehensive Guide to Adult Male Video Jeff Satkin, ed., Atkol, Inc., 1990

The X-Rated Gay Video Guide, Sabin, ed., Companion Press, 1997


Skin was the first in mid 1989 but it was never really an impressive magazine except for a few instances. It did managed to last a long time into 1999 so somebody must have liked it. It tended to like to focus on skinny twinks. The small number of reviews was the downside for me.

Skinflicks was the next at the end of 1980 and ran for the longest time of all of them, until 1999, but was not the last to surrender to the internet. For the both the quality of reviews and the pictures I would rate this one the best.

Studflix made a decent try at it from 1982 to 1989. The shortest run, but it was not always impressive.

Just Men made same run as Studflix... because they were printed by the same company. Seems like they were short on ideas.

Manshots is the historian's reference guide, a librarian's wet dream. Started late, in 1988 and hung on the latest to 2001. The work of director/performer Jerry Douglas it is long on text but shorter on pictures, if you can't find a review of it in Manshots, it probably wasn't worth seeing. He even reviewed films made prior to his first issue in 1988.

Who are the biggest contributiors to the GEVI?

Dragonfly; Germany; I've almost drowned in his contributions.

Derek K.; Has put in many hours researching old films and performers.

Jérôme; France; An internet expert on European gay porn.

JFC; France; Lots of scene breakdowns from his video collection.

What do the (xx) extensions on performer names mean?

Well, frankly, not much. The single purpose is to differentiate between performers with the same name. We have chosen some that mean the year or decade they started (90s). Some the internet country code the performer is from (us), (uk), (eu), etc. Some use an abbreviation for the studio they started with (le), (fkm), etc. Some with physical descriptions (black), (tat). It is difficult to be consistent with why one type of extension or another is used and we obviously haven't been.

Contact us: woody at wtule dot net